Using Mobile Phones


Restaurant Service
Employee Feedback
Retail Consumer Feedback

Customer Survey Tracking System

Scan a custom QR code and hear the voices of your customers. Food not good? Is service amazing? The wait and location too crowded?  Our Custom QR Survey Feedback System can give your business instant feedback. We design the QR code to fit your business. Place on tables, counters, and in posters throughout you locations. We make knowing our customer's valuable thoughts easy and affordable. Can be as low as $5 bucks a scan.

Don't just take our word for it. Let up give you access to our QR survey feedback system for a week for free! 


Training re-imagine. Online cloud-based training gives any employer the power to get the most out of their employees. Custom design training tools that support training around any service-based business. 

Powered by:  TALENT MLS

  • Easy to use software

  • Accessed by computer and or Cellphone

  • Customize training tools 

  • Local representatives 

Changing The Airport Experience

Introducing airport service re-imaged! Whether you are a concession at the airport or the entire airport, we have a program that makes the total travel experience amazing. From customer feedback data to local tenant training, RSG will make you a believer.