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Human Resource

We offer a complete package in HR functions. Its all al la carte and is design to work with your budget. This includes strategic planning, hiring strategy, owner people development, customer service awareness, mission/vision creations, culture development, and much more!  Our HR consultants are certified by a number of leading HR organizations and are ready to help you today and any time in the future. Any business need structure, without it there is no consistency.

People Development

If you have any employees, training is absolutely necessary. However, if you aren't trained on how to teach adults how to learn, you will find this process daunting. Our training services offer training on all aspects of people's development. This includes owners, managers, and employees. If your employees don't know how to truly sell and you or your managers don't know how to truly manage and inspire, you are missing a lot of sales opportunities.  Sales goals are something every business should have no matter what you offer. Our consultants are master trainers and motivational speakers. This is one service you must get!

Customer Service

Customer service in a successful growing business is more than can I help you with a friendly smile. This is one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make with their business. Customer service includes people connection, reading buying signals, effective reactions to those signals, adding on and closing skills. Yes, all of this with every customer without the customer recognizing it's happening. Every major retailer that interacts with customers has a detailed strategy around customer service. I will tell you from 30 years of experience, it does not including can I help you? Let our team create a printed learning guide for you to use to train your people on how to turn a $30 ticket to a $60 ticket. Effective customer service works with any business.

Strategic Marketing

Getting people to know your store, products, and services is a big challenge with any business. Our consultants will set down with you and help build a marketing plan that will work with your budget today and tomorrow. From flyers to website design, we will help you through it all. Best of all, we will support your growth by advertising your business on our website and to our members for free! Let's get started.


How things are laid out and signed in a store or online is the number one selling strategy large retailers think about when it comes to maximizing sales. Try going to a brand name store in the mall and see how neat, organized, and like adjacency items are placed in the store. It's no mistake or random placement, it's planned that way for a reason. Our company analyzes your store/website and maximizes your space and product layout. This process is not just about moving and organizing things, but rather using data of sales history and science of people buying behaviors to get results. It's truly a process you must do to get customers to buy more.