Survey For Diva By Cindy
1.Do you ship products to Sally's and Walmart?
2.Do you pay for social media ads?
3.Do you belong to social media groups inside of social media?
4.Are you working with other marketing companies?
5.Do you have other wholesellers other than Walmart and Sally's?
6.Is your products in other hair salons other than ones you own?
7.How much have you spend in market excluding website fees in 2020?
8.Do you advertise to your current base?
9.Can you track monthly visitors to your website?
11.What is your marketing budget?
12.My 2019 estimated sales from my website was
13.Who maintains and edits your website?
14.Estimate what % of annual sales comes from Sally's
15. Estimate what % of annual sales cmes from Walmart

Thank You Cindy!