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The Retail Support Group (RSG)  was founded to help small business entrepreneurs succeed. The idea of a Retail Executive, RSG's mission is to help small businesses thrive in America again, one neighborhood at a time.


RSG has a unique concept, create a central location where small business owners can seek valuable services and information that is required to be successful in today's tough business environment. Some of these complimentary services  include networking events, member matching services, and WebEx sessions that allow the sharing of ideas, best practices, and open up opportunities to help each other grow.



We also recognize small business owners need help competing in the market place.  By partnering with recognized professionals in fields that support our member's businesses, we can offer absolutely needed services at are up to 50% off the market price! Our experienced consultants are hand-picked by our founder and support our company in their free time.  This allows us to get top-notch professionals that can help your business at a highly reduced rate. 


RSG is truly a company formed to better the small business structure. We invite you to become a member, review our products and set up your free consultation today!  Remember, sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know.