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The Retail Support Group (RSG) is a collection of independent Professionals working together to provide business services to small business owners. We are based in the Washington DC market and can support some business services nationwide.

RSG was born out of frustration. The idea of a retail business executive, his goal was to help small minority businesses afford services that larger company’s find necessary. These include marketing, website design, merchandising, visuals, tax services, HR and much more. This missing need in the market led to a team of independent, highly trained business professionals coming together under RSG.

The organization’s vision is to foster the entrepreneurship of individual business owners in every community in America. We strive to achieve this goal through a free membership organization that support unity, business opportunities, and resources for minority business owners. Also, we promote our members through a variety of venues to help them thrive, including social media, direct marketing and through other members. Additionally, we seek to connect minority talent to other small minority business and corporate. We invite you to review our products and submit a free consultation for any business need you may have.