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Airport gate

The Client Support Group ( CSG) is a collection of minority professionals and coop of minority entrepreneurs working together to support airport programs. We specialize in bring the best local, customized programs that support the traveler's experience. From Customer Service, Marketing, and Merchandising training, to Small Business support, we dedicate 100% to our airport clients. 

Our independent consultants live and work in the neighborhood of our clients. Our mission is to reimagine what airports can be. Therefore, when we obtain a airport, we contract with a local junior consultant to help bring the demographics of that airport to life.   We believe in one designation! Travelers tend to separate the hassle of traveling from their final destination. This is because traveling is stressful, and customer service is inconsistent all around. We believe this can change. Our programs are curated and tailored to each airport.  At CSG, we don't want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best. Therefore, our goal is to make the few be the best. Best in how travelers feel, see, and experience their travels in our clients' airports. We are  small company with big ideas.

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